Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral is of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in Europe, renowned for its spectacular location at the heart of the Durham UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also boasts the most intact surviving set of medieval monastic buildings in the UK, now home to a new world class visitor experience Open Treasure. Visit Durham Cathedral and you'll soon discover why Bill Bryson described this magnificent place as the 'best cathedral on planet earth'!

About this building

For more information visit on this building visit www.explorechurches.org/church/durham-cathedral-durham

Other nearby buildings

Hodgsonge/Wikimedia Commons

Escomb Saxon Church

One of only three complete Saxon churches in Britain, this wonderfully preserved church sits in a sunken circular enclosure bordered by battered walls, an influence from Celtic Ireland. Shut your eyes to the surrounding modern housing and you might almost think you were transported back to the 7th century.

Tom Bastin/Flickr

St Peter

In what had been a promontory clifftop overlooking the north of the harbour and estuary of the River Wear, 60 hides of land were given by King Ecgfrith for Benedict Biscop to found the monastery of St Peter in the name of the Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury in 673 AD. This was the beginning of a new project a movement to bring learning, culture and the Christian religion to the north of Saxon Britain.

Doug Sim/Wikimedia Commons

St Cuthbert

Here is one of Pevsner's twelve most important monuments in Britain, the 8th century, Anglo Saxon Bewcastle Cross. Remarkably, it stands free in the churchyard where it has stood for nearly 1500 years. The church is rather simpler and certainly younger, parts of it dating from 1277, although mostly it is the Victorian alterations that endure. Simple though it is, visitors feel the peaceful and calming atmosphere of the church.