Defensive buildings

The history of Europe has been marred by conflict. Religious buildings were often the largest and strongest buildings in a village, meaning that locals would often use them for shelter when trouble approached.

The Church on the Hill

A powerful building that is integrated into the town's defensive perimeter, its position on top of a rocky outcrop would allow defenders to gaze out over the River Asse and keep a watch for armies on the move.

Église Saint-Hilaire, Brigueil-le-Chantre

Five Pinnacles

Dominating the centre of Orignac with its large tower and defensive enclosure, the church was a rallying point for villagers and defenders, who could see the five-pinnacled roof for miles around.

Église Saint Martin, Orignac

Watching the Valley

Built to watch over the valley, the Church of St Avit was fortified in the 16th century to provide defenders with a stronger position. You can still see the arrow slits and small windows.

Église Saint-Avit, Saint-Avit-de-Tardes

The Unusual Tower

The unusually tall tower of the church (33m) provided villagers with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The thick buttresses and large nave would have provided excellent protection for soldiers and villagers alike.

Église Saint-Georges, Vinneuf