Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (also known as the Memorial Church) is a world-renowned monument in Berlin. Severely damaged during the Second World War, much of the ruins of the 19th century neo-Romanesque church were demolished in the 1950s. A new church was rebuilt (1959-1961) by Egon Eiermann, keeping part of the ruins as a reminder.

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St. Hedwig Cathedral in Berlin is the Episcopal Church of the Archdiocese of Berlin. Built between 1747 and 1773, St. Hedwig's Cathedral is the first Catholic church constructed after the Reformation in Berlin. After the destruction of the rotunda in an air raid during the Second World War, the cathedral was rebuilt from 1952, the interior was redesigned by the architect Hanns Schwippert.

Maria Regina Martyrum

Maria Regina Martyrum is a Roman Catholic built in 1960-1963. The church was conceived as a tribute to the martyrs of the freedom of belief and conscience of the years 1933-1945. It is located near the place of execution of Nazi resistance fighters and opponents in Plötzensee prison, today the memorial Gedenkstätte Plötzensee.