St. Agnes

The St. Agnes church, built from 1964 to 1967, is a former brutalist church designed by Werner Düttmann. Partially abandoned in the 2000s, it has been taken over by the König Gallery since 2015, which has turned it into a museum of contemporary art.

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St. Hedwig Cathedral in Berlin is the Episcopal Church of the Archdiocese of Berlin. Built between 1747 and 1773, St. Hedwig's Cathedral is the first Catholic church constructed after the Reformation in Berlin. After the destruction of the rotunda in an air raid during the Second World War, the cathedral was rebuilt from 1952, the interior was redesigned by the architect Hanns Schwippert.


The Nikolaikirche is the oldest church in Berlin. It dates from the founding of the city around 1230. Today it houses the Stadtmuseum Berlin, a museum about the history of the city. The church is also the venue for events, concerts and readings by the Stadtmuseum.


Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is a protestant church founded in the 16th century. The present building is a third reconstruction in the neo-Renaissance and neo-Baroque styles dating from between 1894 and 1905. Badly damaged during the Second World War, the exterior of the cathedral was simplified during a renovation completed in 1984 and, until 2002, it was rebuilt inside in keeping with the original. The Hohenzollern Crypt, located beneath the cathedral, is one of the most important dynastic tombs in Europe.