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American Cathedral in Paris

Paris, FR

Neo-Gothic building built from 1881 to 1884 in a style that reflects the codes of 13th century English architecture, by the architect George-Edmund Street. The bell tower was consecrated in 1923 as a tribute to the Americans who died in the First World War. In the building there are fifty-one flags of the United States of America hanging in the nave.

Amiens Cathedral

Amiens, FR

The construction of the building began on the initiative of Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy (1211-1222), and under the direction of the project manager Robert de Luzarches. The work began with the elevation of the nave and gates in 1220, then the choir in the 1240s. The radiant chapels were completed in 1258 and the choir in 1269. The two south and north towers were completed in 1366 and 1402 respectively.

Longues-sur-Mer Old Abbey

Longues-sur-mer, FR

Benedictine abbey founded in 1168 by a knight. The monastery buildings have just been added between the 13th and 18th centuries. It finally closed in 1781, then served as an agricultural reserve and quarry before being listed in 1915.

Saint-Vaast Old Abbey, Arras

Arras, FR

The huge 18th century abbey church became the new cathedral of Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Vaast d'Arras in 1804. It replaced the old Gothic cathedral Notre-Dame-en-Cité in the west of the city which was destroyed, and since 1825 the vast monastery buildings of the abbey have housed the Arras Fine Arts Museum.

Carmes Déchaussés Old Chapel, Lille

Lille, FR

The Carmelites acquired a piece of land in 1620, at the "Riez du château", near the new walls of the Porte de Gand, in order to establish their convent there. The church was completed in 1623, but was destroyed by fire in 1645. The present church was rebuilt between 1646 and 1669.

Port-Sainte-Marie Old Charterhouse

Chapdes-Beaufort, FR

The monastery is the only establishment of the Carthusian order in Auvergne. Today in ruins, it nevertheless preserves particularly interesting remains and constitutes an essential milestone in the understanding of the evolution of the architecture of the Carthusian order.

Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux Old Church, Caen

Caen , FR

Built from the 10th century, the qualifier "le Vieux" added following the construction of the Abbey aux Hommes in the 11th century. The church was disused in 1793, and was not given back to worship until 1802. The nave was destroyed by bombing in 1944.

Nativité Old Church, Notre-Dame de Dives-Sur-Mer

Dives-sur-Mer , FR

First mention of the church in the 11th century, work was undertaken in the 14th century following the war. In the 10th century, the nave is again undergoing work. Finally, in the XVIIth century, the facade is reworked but keeps its flamboyant gothic style.

Ancona Cathedral

Ancona Cathedral

Ancona, IT

The cathedral of Ancona, built between 996 and 1017, mixes Romanesque and Byzantine styles. The building stands on the former site of a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. The cathedral was restored in the 1980s.

Andreas Church

Andreas Church

Spijk, NL

On top of the characteristic circular village vault is the originally late Roman Andreas church. The current building was rebuilt in 1676 after the old church was largely destroyed by fire a few years earlier.

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